We are deeply grateful to the Croatian citizens for their strongly expressed support

for the transplantation treatment of a large number of incurable patients




We have decided to offer this web site in English as well to be used by visitors outside Croatia to present them our work, our intentions and projects.


This web site was founded in 1998 as the first one in Croatia, when this kind of sites worldwide appeared very rarely. The purpose was to increase the involvement of the public into the development of transplantation. We used every opportunity to explain that citizens needed organs and that the public had the possibility to participate in their collection. The transplant treatment in our country has been practiced since the early 70s, but only the public action among citizens for their support in collecting organs from the deceased in the 90s gave an impetus to the real development of this medical branch.


We have now opened a new fourth edition of this website in order to comply with a completely new era in the intensive development of transplantation medicine. Our intention was to apply new visual and graphic features and to refresh the structure of the site working with modern computer technology.


The work on this site has the fundamental purpose of further developing public confidence in the entire transplantation process, from harvesting organs to their implantation. We have tried to completely clarify this process making it transparent and publicly acceptable. We always want to emphasize the importance of credibility and the necessary public action in organ donation. It is namely the citizens who need the organs and they have both the right and a direct interest to actively participate in their collection.


Transplantation is the only area of ​​medical science and practice that cannot exist without the support of the public. Without this support, there are no organs from deceased persons, no transplantation medicine and no overwhelming medical progress that the transplantation medicine initiates and enables. On the other hand, no field in medical science and practice is able to connect institutions, medical schools and specialized experts like the transplantation field does.


A clearly expressed and measurable support of the Croatian public on organ donation, as well as the excellent organization and particularly the education of specific health professionals, has brought Croatia to world top results.


Parts of this site are written for a wider public, but some parts are designed for doctors, transplant coordinators and other professionals with specific skills.


We are particularly focused on explaining brain death as one of the most important medical diagnoses, with its far-reaching repercussions. We have tried to clarify the actual situation in the sphere of trafficking in human organs, how much it directly harms the public opinion and what countries endeavour to constrain and prevent this threat.


We have left traces on this web site of our work from the very beginning in 1998, with the intention of chronologically following the development of transplantation treatment through the years. We have left parts that relate to the legislation. We have kept the explanation of the bone marrow transplantation and donation, which we started in the early 2000s. We will continue to follow up the organizational actualities in this field.


Our role is to inform the public about the legal regulation of organ collection primarily from deceased persons as well as about its financial effects. Transplantation medicine is based and being developed on the organs collected from the deceased, but has to leave room for related living donors and only exceptionally be opened for sociologically very sensitive altruistic donations between living unrelated parties. It is also our duty to report on the current small number of patients on waiting lists in relation to a disproportionately large number of patients on regular dialysis, or to the question of a low number of preventive transplantations. We are looking forward to progress in this direction, too.


We believe that this website will continue to contribute to the reputation of Croatia as one of the most successful transplantation countries worldwide.