Cjeloviti priručnik za transplantacijske koordinatore, u izdanju španjolske TPM grupacije sa Sveučilišta u Barceloni, izdan krajem prošle godine. Autor je Ricard Valero, jedan od istaknutih predavača TPM tečajeva, koje su prošli mnogi, sada uspješni aktualni koordinatori u Hrvatskoj.



Donation and Transplant of human organs, tissues and cells is a complex process that requires the involvement of several specialised healthcare professionals and efficient organisational management to succeed. This manual is intended to be a comprehensive handbook to address the problems and challenges that the organ procurement process encounters, from pragmatic solutions to the new trends in this field. It is based on the Transplant Procurement Management (TPM) training methodology that brings together highly qualified international experts to ensure best practice exchange across the global community. It embodies the state-of-the-art donation – transplant process. It focuses on the major aspects, duties and professional responsibilities of the TPM: detection, identification and selection of donors, brain death diagnosis, donor management, organ viability, family approach for organ donation, donation after cardiac death, organ recovery organization & preservation techniques, organ sharing and allocation criteria, living donation, tissue donation, ethics and legislation, as well as the establishment and development of organ donation systems. The editors would like to acknowledge the support we have received from remarkable national and international authors with well-known and long-standing expertise in every specific area of the donation-transplant field, many of them as part of the permanent TPM faculty. We hope that this manual will become an optimal resource for all the professionals devoted to the human organs, tissues and cells procurement, and help them to strengthen their competences and motivation to save human lives and / or improve their quality.